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  • Brenda Maria Fernandez

House of Balloons / Glass Table Girls

Ayer estuve hablando con pato y llegamos a una conclusión, he is right. I should really start doing this again. Posting my every thought on a detailed manner online. You're in my world now and you belong to me

Honestly, in order for this to actually work and fulfil its artistic intentions i must be overly honest and vulnerable. I stopped transcribing my diary some months ago because i didnt want to hurt the people i most love with my confessions online. And i dont know where to draw the line of respecting my relationships and art.

The lockjaw was the only side effect, other than that it was the best feeling ive ever felt in my entire life. im scared of never feeling the same way again (jaw clenching on some super size papers)

E is my favorite to use

Dos anillos

Le dieron anillo a vero, which is another feeling in its entirety and i have to constantly remind myself its not about me, pero hoy es el anillo. Tambien es el anillo de luisa. I really wanna go to both, ire super temprano al de luisa que es a las 8 y luego me paso al de vero a las 9:45. Neta this is such an internal battle because i wanna actually write what im feeling and be super poetic about it but I dont wanna lose friends o que me corten. I guess I will just be very vague about everything.

Honestamente me da muchisimo miedo crecer. La responsabilidades de los adultos me dan hueva, sus tradiciones y compromisos me dan ganas de hsdbfkjhbjdskh everything about it makes me wanna K word myself. Its either that or the fear of breaking the promise i made to him 2020. Cuando cortamos le jure por dios que jamas iba a andar con un mexicano and here i am. I felt like a traitor. He still doesnt know im with someone else. We made a pact that we wouldnt be in relationships till 2022, and i fell in love again in 2021. I never told him, and im sure none of his friends i have on social media told him either. Fue una de las personas mas formativas en mi vida jamas quiero que me odie. I rather die first. I dont want him as my lover, no. But i need him in my life somehow. Mi sueño es que el y kike se conozcan y se vuelvan amigos. Soy la persona mas egoista del mundo.

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