what i am doing now
the deconstruction of pain project
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The deconstruction of pain follows a journey towards the idealized version of wellness through the analysis of ones obsesiones and fixations. What is health? What is sickness? Is there an inevitable cycle from obsessing over a cure and falling straight into the trap?  Its also about the body and how it physically responds to emotional pain. The human bodies very own language. 
i might be all over the place and it might not make sense now but trust me, it will
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life is composed of small moments of pain
what i have here is a dump of images i MIGHT usefor the project
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i dont really have defined the concept this new project will be about, all i keep hearing in my head is guilt guilt guilt. I wanna talk about my ex, my lover and everything in between. i wanna talk about stability, i wanna talk about my obsessions and how that translates to my mental state. I wanna talk about my tabooed guilty pleasures, i want it to be very conceptual but i also wanna represent the ride of being in your mid 20s and what being a grown up for me is like, the presure of being sucessful. obsesion is the key word in my project.